Norcia, a piece of the soul of Italy destroyed by the earthqake

The earthquake has repeatedly struck central Italy since last August. Looking at the images on TV, we can see the desperation in the eyes of the inhabitants of those beautiful places. They lost everything in an instant, relatives, friends and their homes. Fortunately, the strong earthquake which yesterday hit Norcia, caused no casualties, as happened in the past weeks in other nearby towns. But together with pity for the suffering of so many fellow citizens, there is bitterness to the many works of art damaged or irretrievably lost. The image of the beautiful cathedral of Norcia, heavily damaged by the earthquake, deeply wounds all Italians who love art, culture and history of their beloved Italy. The fragile beauty of Italy, with medieval palaces, houses and churches, has been terribly scarred by the earthquake. This territory is a fundamental part of Italian identity, the cultural, artistic, religious and civil heritage of the country. The earthquake not only destroyed human lives and buildings, but destroyed a piece of the soul of Italy.

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