The birthday of Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) of Milan

Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) was inaugurated  on 17 October  2014. The two towers of Bosco Verticale have become the symbol of the new skyline of Milan. Bosco Verticale is located in the Porta Nuova district,  near Milano Porta Garibaldi Railway Station. In 2015 Bosco Verticale was elected  “the most beautiful skyscraper on the planet” . The award was given by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, promoted from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. The two towers have a height of 111 metres (364 ft) and 76 metres (249 ft). They are home to about 800 trees, 11 thousand perennials and five thousand shrubs.  All the vegetation is supervised by the so-called “flying gardeners.” The vegetation, that covers the two towers, contributes to the reduction of energy consumption, creates a moist microclimate, acts as a filter for fine particles , greatly reduces noise pollution, cleans the air, protects from solar radiation and from wind.

Milan, Porta Nuova District - Bosco Verticale and Unicredit Tower
Milan, Porta Nuova District – Bosco Verticale and Unicredit Tower

The 113 apartments are naturally very exclusive. Among the tenants of  Vertical Forest there are footballers, celebrities and managers. Bosco Verticale is designed by Stefano Boeri, who recalled the birthday of his towers from his facebook page:

“Congratulations to the maple trees, olive trees, the ferns with evergreen shrubs and carnations growing to hundreds in his heaven. Best wishes to the great tits and swallows that nest on the branches. Best wishes to the thousands of ladybugs that eat the mites and to the mites that are likely to be eaten by thousands of ladybugs. Best wishes to 480 humans who live and dream in the woods in the sky of Milan. Best wishes to Milan that houses the first Vertical Forest in history and to all of us smiling when we walk under it. “

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