Dario Fo died. Italy lost the jester who mocks the power

Dario Fo died on 13 October 2016 at the age of 90 years at the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan. On October 15, in Piazza Duomo, Milan will give the last farewell to his genius. Playwright, actor, director, writer, painter, Dario Fo has been one of the greatest Italian artists of all time, the Italian playwright most represented in the world. Italy and the world lost an artist who, throughout his life, fought against the claim that the dominant culture is that of the ruling class. Through his entire work Dario Fo has worked to ensure that the social classes, which had been left in ignorance for centuries, could understand that it’s the people to be custodian of the roots of their culture. For this dedication in 1997 Dario Fo won the Nobel Prize for Literature “because, following the tradition of medieval jesters, mocks the power restoring dignity to the oppressed.” Together with his wife Franca Rame had the courage to move away from the official theatrical circuits, which he called “bourgeois theater,” to bring their shows in unconventional places like occupied factories, squares, houses of the people and prisons. Dario Fo has never needed to be considered an intellectual, because the idea of culture for which he fought is not academic. His works are born from popular culture to be returned to the people. Dario Fo was among the first to understand that art can have an extraordinary social and political force. His theater has been social and political commitment, not only aesthetic gesture, but energy that can effect change. He has never been afraid to take political positions, to put his own face to the service of the battles in which he believed, but he has always done this with the joyous smile of a child and with the irony. Never with anger. He taught us that to live an extraordinary life, we must live a life filled with passion and enthusiasm. He taught us that getting older doesn’t mean to be old, if we fill our lives with exciting projects. Dario Fo showed us that you can be forever young.

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