Milan is the capital of Italy for tourism in 2016

“For the third consecutive year,  Milan has more visitors than Rome. According to estimates it will have 7.7 million in 2016. If young people run away from Italy, more than 40,000 students have come to study in Milan from all over the world in the last year and they choose it for the quality of life, something unthinkable few years ago”. So the Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala said, announcing with satisfaction that ” today Milan is realistically the vanguard of the country” and asserting the primacy of his city over Rome. Milan is experiencing “a positive season and it’s motivated to reinforced this situation by continuing to work hard”. According to the Global Destination Cities Index from MasterCard, in 2016 Milan is in 14th place worldwide for the number of arrivals per year with 7.65 million visitors compared with 7.12 in Rome. The podium is however still far away: at the top are Bangkok (21.47 million visitors), London (19.88) and Paris (18.03). To boost growth also contribute the sectors of fashion and luxury, of which Milan is the international benchmark. In addition to tourists, more and more travelers arrive to Milan for work: 27.2% of total annual arrivals is for business. After the magical year of Expo, the capital of Lombardy confirms its appeal.

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