Rome against Milan

Italy is a country of strong contrasts. Rome and Milan are certainly two very different cities. Rome is the political capital of Italy with a glorious past, but which is struggling to adapt to the needs of a modern city. It’s hard to believe it, if you live in any other city, but just building a new subway line is extremely problematic. It’s well known that in wherever you dig in Rome, you can find priceless archaeological treasures that emerge from the past. Sometimes the past can seem like a burden, but the past is undoubtedly a great heritage for Rome. Roma dazzles you with its beauty, pictured in Fellini’s and Sorrentino’s movies, but then suddenly it leaves you to its chaotic reality. Milan is the economic capital of the country, headquarter of industries, service companies, multinational corporations. Though it’s a beautiful city, its greatest strength is the concreteness of the daily work. Milan doesn’t give you anything at first sight, but it doesn’t promise you anything either. First it forces you to learn how to resist its frantic pace and only when you become part of this fully functional and efficient mechanism, you begin to love it. You realize how many wonderful views are hidden among the old buildings, how many quiet corners sheltered from the busy streets, how much you love your morning cappuccino quickly drank at the bar, before diving into the vital energy of a city always on the move, always under construction, true to itself, but always different, a city that allows you to be who you are, who you want to be, who you will become.

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