Bellagio, Lake Como: when beauty is soul medicine

I think beauty is a real soul medicine. Watching something beautiful blows away the bad thoughts, it makes us feel more positive and serene. I live near Milan, in a highly urbanized area. I often feel tired and stressed for work, traffic and chaos of everyday life. Fortunately I can easily get a magical place in about half an hour by car: Bellagio, on Lake Como. This town is so beautiful to be called the “Pearl of Lake Como”.


Every time I go to Bellagio, as I walk along the lake or through the alleys of the center, I feel growing within me a feeling of positivity. It’s the beauty and the refined elegance of Bellagio conquering my soul. The elegant buildings, the craft shops that overlook the streets, the flowers on the balconies of the houses, the majestic mountains that seem to dive into the lake, the heavenly Villa Melzi d’Eril, everything seems pure beauty.


Bellagio is wonderful as its location. The shape of Lake Como is like an inverted Y. The mountainous triangle at the base of the Y is called Larian Triangle (Larius is the Latin name of Lake Como). Bellagio is situated at the northern vertex of this triangle.


The exact spot where the lake divides into two branches is called “Punta Spartivento” This is a truly magical place, where you can admire the majestic Alps and  you don’t feel in front of a view but at the center of it.

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