Best time to visit Italy

Because of its length from north to south, for the fact of being surrounded by the sea and finally because of the presence of important mountain ranges, Italy is characterized by a varied climate. To choose the best time to visit Italy, you have to consider the purpose of the trip, the badget available and the weather. Of course, if you want a beach holiday, the best months are July and August. In fact during these two months the weather is almost always good. In Italy the summer months are very warm and sunny, perfect to enjoy the sea. But the majority of Italians go on vacation during these months (especially in August), and so the prices for hotels and flights are very expensive. Therefore if you have a limited budget, it’s better to choose June or the first half of September. Usually the weather is good even at this time. Summer in Italy is indeed very long. If the purpose of your trip is to visit art cities, then it may be a good idea to choose months with cooler weather. The best time, in terms of the weather and lack of crowds, is April to late June, and September or October. In summer, in fact, the climate in the cities can be very hot and muggy and then, expecially in August, the scene in the major historic cities (Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan) can be artificial, as the only people around are fellow tourists. Finally, if you want a snow holiday, the ski season traditionally begins on December 7, the day dedicated to the patron saint of Milan Ambrogio and it ends in late March. Of course, hotel prices are more expensive during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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